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Playreading with Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam

  • East Bay Media Center 1939 Addison Street Berkeley, CA, 94704 United States (map)

DAC proudly presents the first session of a three-event series, featuring director, actor, choreographer, and dancer Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam. This session will be a play reading of Joshua Sobel's "Sinners." Join us for a wonderful night of drama and community. This presentation is entirely in Persian language. Refreshments will be served. This program is entirely in Persian language.

"کمدی شعرا: هفت هجو" شعرخوانی شاهرخ مشکین قلم شامل هجویات سنایی غزنوی، عبید زاکانی، سعدی، مولانا، ایرج میرزا، غ ساروی و هادی خرسندی. شرکت کنندگان باید بالای 18 سال سن داشته باشند.

About the Artist

Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam was born In Iran but moved to Paris in his early teens. His choreography style is usually based on Persian classical music that brings Persian myths, poetry, and dance together to create an atmosphere of magical quality.

He has danced in Seven Pavilions of LoveSohrab and Gordafarid, and Khosrow and Shirin. In his Dance-Mythologic (a collection of Dances based on Persian mythology) piece, Shahrokh is a story teller translating the lines from thousands of years ago into movements familiar to today's audience all over the world. In Moshkin Ghalam’s view, movement is to convey a message; he does not believe in using movement for the sake of movement. His extensive training in world dances, along with his open-mindedness, allows him to take all that he feels necessary from other cultures, add to it, or sometimes re-invent it each time in a new context for a different purpose.

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